SLART: SvOlli's Little Audio Related Thingies

This page is intended to grow as the project grows.


"SvOlli's Little Audio Related Thingies", or "SLART" for short, is a collection of tools I hacked together myself for myself. These tools, once complete, will cover every aspect of handling audio files I came up with.

These tools are

Function Name Status Named After The Song By
Player Partyman stable beta Prince
CD Reader Stripped alpha Depeche Mode
Tag Editor / Database Management Rubberbandman alpha Yello
MySpace Downloader Funkytown stable beta Lipps Inc.
Karma Playlist Management Karmadrome alpha Pop Will Eat Itself
Remote Control Handling Creep stable beta Radiohead
FreeDB Browser Notorious alpha Duran Duran
Central Application Innuendo alpha Queen
Setup Wizard Sorcerer alpha Marilyn Martin

Some of these programs are rather useless if they are not used together with at least one of the others.


Current stable Version is 0.8.0 The binary packages include DerMixD checked out from official subversion repository (commit #858), with libmpg123 1.12.4 statically compiled in.


The days of source code only releases is over with the full release if 0.8.0. This one features a lot of changes. Additionally to the stuff already mentioned below, like the build system, the new IPC bus and the new application "Notorious" it also includes the following:
Finally enough loose ends have been put together to justify another source code only release. A lot of small but nasty bugs have been fixed, and a new application, "Notorious", is introduced with this release. It is the answer to the question "I want to buy the track X, on which CDs is it?". You can import the FreeDB tar.bz2 archive and the browse through it. But an even bigger change is that a new component called "Magic" (named after the song by "The Cars") is used for providing audio encoders (FLAC, OGG, MP3, and WAV). These are loaded as plugins by "Stripped".
No new release, but some news anyway. I've dicided to postpone the integration of the Qt statemachines at a later point, when Qt 4.6 is more common in the Linux distributions. Anyway, a large part of Stripped has been rewritten. Now the application is multithreaded and FLAC encoding has been added. Biggest task to be done before the 0.8 release will be the recreation of automated package building.
The web server test application is now capable of reloading the page, when a new Satellite message is received. Something nice to play with. ;-)
Release of 0.7.91. Again, only available via git. This features the migration of the interprocess communication from UDP to TCP. The component has been renamed from SLARTCom to Satellite (named after the song "Satellite To Satellite" by Falco - or "Satellite" by The Hooters, you choose). More details about the "Satellite" inter-process communication is available here.
Release of 0.7.90. This is the first step on the way to 0.8.0. Since there are several fundamental changes planned for 0.8.0, an interim release will be made for each step. These releases are provided via git only, as they might not be as stable as 0.7.5. This release focuses on the build system. The old one was inteded for sharing the same source code for different platforms using network filesystems. The new one drops this in favor of cross-compile builds, which were not possible with the old one. Instead of compiling in an architecture-named directory all code will be now located in a directory named "build". This should make cross-compiling easier. The other two major changes planned are changing SLARTCom from UDP to TCP and changing the self implemented finite state machine(s) to the ones introduced with Qt 4.6.
The last release was missing the bundled dermixd, and no-one told me. I updated the installation images, please make sure that the ones you use are above 1MB in size. Sorry if I caused you any inconvenience.
New release with no new features, only some minor bugfixes and cosmetical changes. Next release is supposed to be 0.8.0 featuring changes in some core elements, like SLARTCom, the build system and the organization of the source code.
Finally a new release, changes include:
I did some further analysis on MySpace. To me it looks like they're tunneling RTMPE though HTTP. I've got no intensions in investigating this topic any further, since I've downloaded only two or three mp3s per month from MySpace. If anyone presents me with a working solution to this problem, I'm more than willing to integrate it, but my priorities are not gettings Funkytown working with MySpace again.
MySpace have changed access to mp3s, so Funkytown does not work with MySpace anymore. The access to the mp3s have been changed from http to rtmp. The solution to this problem would be including rtmpdump, but that has been banned by legal threats of Adobe. (German Link, Original Document from Adobe.)
The git repository was moved. It is now available at
for the internet access impaired.
The old one has been provided with a redirector, so it should continue to work.
Released Version 0.7.3.
This release has the main focus is on Funkytown:Also some minor improvements made it into Partyman: And some build-scripts have been reworked.
The 32 bit version of DerMixD bundled with SLART is broken. A new version will be released because of that very soon. In the meantime you can use these replacement DerMixDs.
Released Version 0.7.2.
Features and bugfixes for Partyman include:
Added rpm archives converted with alien.
Released Version 0.7.1.
Release cycles will now include also minor improvments and bugfixes, not only the big steps. Features and bugfixes include:
Released Version 0.7.
Owning an Eee PC? Precompiled SLART is availablex here.
Code in git repository has gone from 0.7α to 0.7β. Everyone who can build SLART from source is invited for a test drive. Expect the 0.7 release in the course of this month.
Hacking still continues, the next version will feature using an sqlite database for much faster startup time (1 to 3 seconds with ~20000 tracks instead of ~30 seconds), a setup wizard and much more. Stay tuned for the next release, or if you want to test the development version, I can provide you with very straight-forward instructions on how to setup an environment for compiling SLART yourself.
Some more features, some bugs fixed, and now Version 0.6 is ready.
Screenshots added.
A beta release of SLART ist now available, expect the release next weekend... if no serious bugs are discovered.
Although I did some research on the name "SLAT", I didn't know until now, that there is already a tool with that name. So my "SLAT" has been renamed to "SLART".
Added first version of Creep. Remote control handling is done by using the lirc client library.
Added first version of Karmadrome, which should now be usable.
The current development version can be checked out via git.


Partyman Stripped Rubberbandman Karmadrome Innuendo

Known bugs:

Bug verified workaround
Message on first startup: "Object::connect: No such signal MainWidget::requestChangeTitle(QIcon,QString)" yes just ignore (was in 0.7.2, was fixed with 0.7.3)
Partyman not playing anything, because 32Bit Version of bundled DerMixD broken yes use seperate DerMixD provided on this side (was in 0.7.2, was fixed with 0.7.3)

Feature Requests:

request status comment

Development Version:

The current development version can be checked out via git:
git clone git://
or, I've you're stuck behind a firewall with http access only:
git clone
There's a script available that installs all the packages needed for compiling SLART. It's been successfully tested on Debian, Ubuntu and Tiny Core Linux. You'll find it in the directory named "extra", the script itself is named "".

If you've got any questions, feel free to contact me by writing an email to slart at svolli dot dynxs dot de.

Partyman also needs DerMixD for playing anything and mpg123 for playing mp3s. For more Details take a look at the Partyman Website.

This software is free software and distributed under the license terms of the GPL.


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